Cristiano Ronaldo, in the eye of the storm in Manchester United: discussed with DT, se fue in the middle of a friendly and will start as a substitute

Parece que la paciencia se agotó. Al menos algunas señales show un escenario quite complejo. Las actitudes son las que definen esta historia y resulta que ya no pesa el apellido. La situation de Cristiano Ronaldo wide Manchester United deserves special attention, because not only the rumors in England are placing him on the bench of the substitutes for the beginning of the season, but it is all a question of the immediate future: while the market of passes continues to be open, the Portuguese astro will change señales de querer irse. Each reaction and gesture of CR7 is followed with a magnifying glass by the English press, which first observed how he discussed with the new trainer, Eric Ten Haag; luego showed how the forward -junto con otros compañeros- abandoned Old Trafford in the middle of a friendly with Rayo Vallecano, the attitude that molested DT, and finally it became clear that the representative, Jorge Mendes, was waiting expectantly for him.

After an Asian tour and implanting the new model of attack, United returned to the Teatro de los Sueños and the fans celebrated the return of the team and also that of Cristiano Ronaldo, who was not on the tour of the preseason, extolling “personal motives” and se preparó por su cuenta antes de anunciador que buscaba un nuevo destino que le permitiese jugar la Champions League.

Despite not having much training with the team, Cristiano came out to play against Rayo Vallecano (1-1) and was on the field during the first time. Como fue reemplasado en el entretiempo, el portuguese se acomodó en una de las tribunas para ver el partido, pero antes del final tomó la determination de irse de Old Trafford, al igual que otros compañeros. Before this scenario, the trainer’s discomfort was evident, and when he faced the microphones, he did not hesitate to leave a strong message that opened a question about the future of CR7 in Manchester.

No apruebo esto. Es unacceptable. Somos un equipo y te tienes que quedar hasta el final”, said Ten Hag, referring to the attitude of the Portuguese and the rest of the players who left the stadium before the end of the match. The other football player who left the stadium was the Luso defender Diogo Dalot.

“Manchester United is not impressed with Cristiano Ronaldo’s antics after desairar a Erik Ten Hag in the chat of the team and abandoning the friendly before the tiempo”, he wrote The Sun sobre las sensaciones de los directors del club inglés tras la attitude de CR7 ante un Old Trafford donde hubo murmullos en medio del tan comentado encuentro entre ambas partes.

The relationship between Cristiano and the United trainer is so unstable that The Sun assures that Ten Hag, when he starts the Premier League, will decide to conform to an attack with Jadon Sancho, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, and that the particular departure of CR7 from Old Trafford hace unos días lo deja muy relegado. Incluso, cayó so mal lo que hizo el portuguese that no one dares to discard that CR7 is a substitute.

According to The Guardian, the 37-year-old player wants to leave before United starts the Premier League, but he doubts that when there are four weeks left before the transfer deadline, a club will appear that is willing to take on his salary of around £490,000. semana, después de las attitudes que tuvo el portuguese en las ultimas semanas.

Beyond all these shocks in the relationship between Cristiano and Manchester United, the English club, through the intermedio of his coach and some managers, made it known that the Portuguese is not for sale and that he has a contract until 2023. However, the representative of the football player, Jorge Mendes, is still looking for a club so that CR7 can play in the Champions League.

Un escenario complejo, sin una definición clara, porque el trainer de Cristiano ya no tiene problema en críticamente sus atituditumente, los media de Inglaterra calificar como payasadas las actions del portuguese y el player no tiene la mejor predisposition para solve las things. Una relación que parece completamente quebrada.

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